Oil Filter Wrench with Ratchet PSA DW-engines

Easy and time-saving removal and installing the oil filter housing of PSA DW engines, which is otherwise very difficult to reach.



Spanner size: 27
Drive: hexagon


    • Because of the ratchet mechanism it’s not required that the spanner be removed and refitted after each turn.
    • Very sturdy construction.
    • Developed specifically for these vehicles.
    • Cut to measure for the constricted position.
    • Allows professional, torque controlled installation.


      Suited for:  DW10C & DW12C engines



      Universal Engine and Gearbox Support

      An user-friendly universal engine and gearbox support, which is not a base unit with adapters, but one unit with scissor jack.

        • universally usable
        • practical operation by one person
        • simple supporting thanks to the scissor jack
        • extendable spindles



        Premium crossbar

        for the Universal Engine and Gearbox Support

          • larger and more flexible spans thanks to the extension arms
          • independently of each other swiveling arms
          • stronger spindles in two different lengths with hex drive (245mm und 495 mm)
          • large support buffer for a larger bearing area to protect the underbody




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