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Common Rail High Pressure Tester

The high pressures in the common rail system, which usually exceed 1000 bar, make it difficult to measure the actual pressure.

Most common available testers measure the pressure based on the signal from the pressure sensors of the vehicle.

If the pressure sensors are defective or incorrectly adjusted, can it happen that incorrect values are read off. This common rail tester measures the actual pressure with an analog 2000 bar pressure gauge. The gauge is made of
stainless steel

  • the tester is supplied with two different sets of flexible hoses and
    adapters so that the tester can be used universally


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Universal Block-Off Bladder

    • With EASY INTAKE ™ a quick leak test of the entire intake and exhaust system can be carried out in one simple process.
    • Leaky hose connections (e.g. of the turbocharger) and hairline cracks in assemblies (e.g., to intercooler) etc. can be found quick and easy.
    • The patent pending block off bladder adapts to any shape intake or
      exhaust: round, oval, square, rectangular or severely angled.


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    Extraction Ratchet Pump with ⅜" Drive

    • Converts your ⅜" air ratchet or cordless screwdriver into a fluid transfer pump.
    • Ideal for:
      • brake fl uid
      • power steering fl uid
      • transmission fl uid
      • engine oil
      • coolant
    • Quick couplings allow easy hose changes
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